new comer

hi everyone, i am new comer here and little bit confused after reading author resources and forum posts.

first about watermark, some member say it’s must insert watermark on video preview and other say it’s okay preview without watermark.

second about author fee, non exclusive author will get 55% and exclusive get 12 - 37.5%,
so how much percent for new comer exclusive author? i guess it’s 37.5% right? how to increase it into 12%?

and the last quick question, maximum duration time/video length for preview?

1.If you are publishing stock footage or stock motion graphics use the watermark, no need of a watermark for after effects template.

2.when you are uploading an item there is tab “Set Your Price (US$)” that can give you a better idea of how much you will earn with each sell. (item price + buyers fee). also, fill in your tax information to avoid withholding tax from the “settings” Tab.

3.there is no such rule as maximum duration for preview but my advice to make it short & snappy.

thank you

you start at 37.5%, and as you sell more, this will decrease to 12.5%.
Every 3750 USD you sell on videohive this percentage decreases a little bit. At 75,000 USD sale volume you reach the lowest fee tier, which is 12.5%. You are then considered an Elite author.

thanks mate :+1: