First song rejected.

Hi everyone.
I’m looking for some feedback on a song I got rejected.
At first I thought the accent could be the cause, but the instrumental got rejected too.
Can somebody chime in and help me, so this doesn’t happen again?

To my mind mood and arrangement of track is not relevant to AudioJungle. You need to listen top-selling tracks to understand what kind of mood, arrangement are relevant to AudioJungle. :wink: Good luck! :slight_smile:

Usually customers need more simple arrangement and not too complex vocal part. Now, it’s just a good song, but not a background track. The song does not attract much attention to themselves, because the main thing - it is the buyer’s project.

Hello , you need to look at the balance of the songs , arranging , and mixing ))))

The vocals is little high and you got to rethink the intro.