My track was rejected, explain why?

Guys, hello!
My tracks have been rejected for over a year.
I agree that before that I wrote not the best music, it simply did not correspond to the type.
When I realized this, I began to write exactly according to the mood and needs of AudioJungle.
But unfortunately my tracks are rejected again, I have never received approval since registration, this one is just sadly, I do not understand what is the reason for the rejection of the music. People, please help me figure out why my music is rejected?
Preview link

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hi Alex! well, first of all, you need to use high-quality sound libraries and use them correctly, I did not hear any ideas or arrangements or moods in your track, the sound is empty, flat, not voluminous, in short, the track is not ready for sale at all.


StudioProject hello,
Do you think my problem is that this bad arrangement that doesn’t evoke emotion requires more melodic arrangement and spatial processing for surround sound? Another question is, if this track is replaced with quality chords and new melodies, can it be re-uploaded to AudioJungle for viewing?

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Yes, of course you can, as for the arrangement, you need to change everything. right now you’re just a bunch of sounds, no offense, but I’m just saying it like it is


Thank you very much for your recommendation and criticism. I probably agree and take note of these recommendations.
I will work on the quality of the arrangement and the quality of processing. I was not offended, I just took a fresh look at my music and this is really true. I love the progress with AudioJungle, but hopefully within reason. ))

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