Why my music was rejected? Need a constructive feedback!


I am new user AudioJungle. I started writing music for this service on March, 2020.
4 of my work was accepted, but today I recieved first hard reject.
This is link to item:

What I done wrong? I will be glad to all your feedback.
Thank you!

there is nothing on the link

oh, yes… Thank you!
I updated link. Try again, please)

Hello! Let’s start with the sounds of the instruments used. They sound cheap and outdated. The mix sounds with unpleasant frequencies. Spatial processing kills the track permanently.
Replace the sounds, work with the equalizer so that nothing sticks out in the frequencies and select the reverb and delay so that the mix is ​​legible and pleasant to hear.
The musical idea is quite acceptable.
Good luck!

Thank you very much!


Great job! I can only add that the clap is what’s sticking out to me, it has a much different character than everything else and is pretty sharp/strident.

Good luck!

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