Why was my track rejected?

Hi there, submitted my first track to Audiojungle and after a few weeks later I got an email saying it was rejected. I have no idea why but am curious as to what their criteria is so I know how to improve upon my next submissions.

here is the link:

any feedback no matter how brutal will be much appreciated.


The track is good in quality, and the introduction theme leave it at the end of the track leave .in the middle of the take away and it turns quickly get bored monotone

  1. Intro is very long and boring.
  2. Track not bad, but it’s idea is to experimental for AudioJungle.

Try to listen AudioJungle top tracks and create something close to understand AudioJungle trends. Good luck!

Awesome, so production wise, it’s fine. Just gotta work on the arrangement and style. Thanks everyone, much appreciated

Why don’t alter with 2 chords? Good luck!