Finding the right theme (Wordpress, WooCommerce or Shopify)

We are looking for a theme to our company.
We work in retail printing text, logos, images, etc. on clothes.
But we are also printing stuff like windows decor, car decor, banners, rollups, bottles, mugs, etc. etc. etc. Basicly a company printing and making a diverce amount of stuff.

Along with the normal stuff regarding products (images, descriptions, etc.),
we do need the possability for the custommer to:

  • add text
  • choose fonts
  • upload images
  • choose size, color, number of items, and so on (you know, the normal stuff)


  • The ability to customice different products options as needed pr. product.
  • The ability to have themplates for products with both product options, and NONE product options (for products that are set)
  • The ability to add detailed descriptions in an easy way.
  • The theme must be able to sell both clothes, apparel, banners and rollups, and other items related to a online store for a print shop.


  • be able to add an option where the customer, if choosing more than a given number of the same product, get an “ask for price” option, instead of buying directly.

Ofc. we also want the theme to have the normal options in a theme.