A WordPress/Woocommerce theme for digital print and much more

Hopefully I am at the right place to ask!
Looking into converting from Shopify, to WordPress. BUT…

I am having a hard time finding a theme that pushes me in the right direction. Here are some of the “requirements” im looking for:

  • Needs to work as an online shop (duh)

  • Need to have the ability to sell both few numbers of an item (like 1 or 2) but also many (like 100), but when selling many of one item, we wish to get a mail, and not sell online. We like to send the customer an offer. So basicly, when more than given number of products, buy butten goes away, and quote button shows.

  • We sell: Clothing, gifts, digital print, stickers, window decor, car decals, car decor, etc. etc. So the theme should take this into consideration.

  • We sell online where customers pay with cards.

  • The customer must be able to select things like: model, color, upload images, edit text they want us to print on the items.

  • Some of our products do have a HUGE variety in options (color, size, fabric) so we can not be “burdened” with not being able to show all the options.

  • We sell both finished designes, and we wish to give the customer the option to design on their own (easy options like fonts, etc.)

We havce looked into a lot of themes, but not found anything that gives us all we are looking for, or a startpoint. Maybe We are searching for the wrong thing. I dont know.

Hope for some help.