Im looking for a theme which matches my requirements

Hello everybody how are you doin? My name is Adam and im looking for a wordpress theme.

Im creating a website for an IT company which has some requirements. Let me clarify

-it has to contain some sort of page builder it is a must

-website will have a section which will behave like and eshop, basically what i need it to do is that the customer will pick from items and order which will send us only an email and we will get in touch with the customer personally. In a year horizon we want it to be a pay by card option.

-I need it to have a blog option which will be one of the menu selections.

Basically we need a theme which can be a shop, blog, and a regular site at once :slight_smile:

If the theme matches our needs we do not hesitate to pay a higher price for it. The more theme contains the better!

Im looking forward for your beautiful themes!



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Hello @Morbi

Thanks for purchase from envato market,

You can check themeforest WordPress Popular items and check it’s demo which suits your need you can purchase it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Please check

We have WordPress and joomla templates, both with page builder and shop inside.



Hi @Morbi

As you need to maintain a eshop so you can go with WooCommerce

As your eshop requirements I think you will need Catalog mode with a Contact form to contact with site admin. Check which theme will meet your requirements.


Hello Adam ,

That what you want can any template who supports Woocommerce.

Hello everybody! Thank you very much for you responses! Very much appreciated <3

Also one thing i want to ask if the woocomerce or some kind of plugin does

I need a section where customer could pick items from a selection either they would clicked the products out or drag an indicator to celect how much of something they want. And then they would fill their email and send us their selection. Basically how i want it to work is here ( you have to scroll a little down )

We only want it to send us an email with their order/selection so we could get in touch with them personaly to make tailored order.

Thank you for your responses!

Yes you can. But it is not out of box solution.

Well it is one of the requirements. Could you please send me a link where exactly is that function used in woocommerce? I seem to cant find it :confused:

Thank you!