LOOKING for an WP SHOP to sell services

Hello everyone,

Im looking for an WP Theme SHOP to sell services (graphic, web & others), that allow the client to make upgrades to the order while selecting options to addon to the basic package. Per example: The basic service is $15 dollars, but if he wants to add a domain costs +$15 so the total order to purchase will be $30 now. Then he must provide the instructions by the fulfill of a form with certain questions and etc. Is there something like that around?

Thank you

  1. Setup WordPress hosting somewhere

  2. buy a nice looking shop theme from ThemeForest (one that mentions both WordPress and WooCommerce is best)

  3. Install the free WooCommerce shopping plugin for WordPress

  4. Buy one of the “extra product fields” plugins available on CodeCanyon, like this one: http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-extra-fields/13571304 which allows you to add extra input fields per product during checkout.

  5. Setup products with price, setup extra fields per products.

  6. Profit!


Thank you for the reply. Very helpful! Since the product will be a digital work, client may need to download it from a download area or something and probably ask for revisions if needed. Is this possible? Maybe another plugin?


Yes another WordPress plugin. This type of thing would probably be outside of the WooCommerce / online ordering process. Maybe there is something out there compatible with WooCommerce. Do some googling on “woocommerce design approval”.

There is this plugin to: https://wordpress.org/plugins/design-approval-system/
it works different to WooCommerce but still might be suitable.