Recommendation for wordpress / woocommerce theme

Hello all,

I am looking for a template for my wedding invitation card business. Ideally I would like an ecommerce store with the following:

  1. for a customer to be able to order and be on hold (until a member of my team checks the order to process it). Our invites come with two inserts so I want to make sure that we and the customer are on the same wavelength.

  2. when the customer is in the ordering stage, for them to have the ability to upload word, pdf or PowerPoint files (which hopefully can be emailed to a specific email address).

  3. the theme has to be seo friendly.

Any advise or assistance would be really appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi, just have a look if this plugin fits your needs.
If yes, you could go on with any WooCommerce supported WordPress theme you like.

Thank you for your reply. Would you happen to know if this plugin allows me to ‘hold’ all orders before payment has been received and then I can check and begin processing the order should everything look ok?

You are welcome. Nope, Extra Product Options plugin does not handle extra payment options.
And even WooCommerce hasn’t got an option like that by default.

You would need the WooCommerce Order Status Control.
It has an option to set all orders not to autocomplete.
(WooCommerce > Settings > General and scroll down to the “Orders to Auto-Complete” and set it to none)

Or you can try to search for similar plugins. Look for “woocommerce review order” or “woocommerce order status controll” phrases if you want to.

Additionally you can contact the author of the plugin Extra Product Options on the comments page of the item and ask your pre purchase questions anytime.

I hope it helps.

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