Specific Buyer/Seller wordpress theme

I looking for some marketplace for digital service. Buyers are the one who has to pay monthly, while sellers can list their services without being charged (only when somebody orders) and Sellers cannot buy other seller’s service.

Any wordpress theme suggestion?


This seems more like a Multi Vendor functionality. If you do a quick search on ThemeForest for “Multi Vendor” keywords you will get ~50 themes with this feature already built-in. See the results page here: https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress?term=multi%20vendor

Then, you can use a plugin like Subscriptio from CodeCanyon to allow your WooCommerce customers to create subscriptions on your website.

For any other features, my suggestion is to search for a dedicated WordPress developer on Envato Studio. This way you can be assured that your project goes completed quickly and fine.

Good Luck!