Theme for product+freelancer Marketplace

Hello everyone

I am looking for a theme which can provide the features of a freelancer marketplace and also a normal product marketplace (multi vendor would be best).
The “seller” should provide services and products.
The “customer” can buy normal products but can also post a request like at freelancer marketplaces. All “sellers” then can make an offer.

If there is no theme any other idea with which marketplace themes & plug ins we can easily solve this?

Thank you!

Check listing themes.

Can you give me more info how do you think this would work? I dont see any selling options in listing themes.


This gives you up to 34 possible choices - its up to you to determine what or which one may meet your needs.

You won’t get that out of the box and without significant customisation

Given the multiple needs eg listing, commerce, service provider, etc you might find something for part of it as a start but it may well be less headache to look at getting a freelancer to custom create something for purpose to avoid conflicts between different stock elements designed for different things