multi vendor for selling blog posts

Hi, im looking for a theme that will allow mulitple vendors to signup and sell blog posts.

It should be possible for the buyer to request a custom blog post based on sellers rating from past buyers.
And they should have the option to request a blog post based on number of words.
Buyers should allso have the option to find prewriten blog posts, showing a short preview of the post and who the seller is and there rating.

i need a payment system that will take 10% from each payment, so 10% to the owner and 90% to the seller.
Payment should include paypal and creditcard.

Does any one know of a them with those features?

Please PM me for custom quotes wich includes a price.


For multi vendor site you need multi vendor plugin not template. You can choose template what ever you want .
I have made few multi vendor sites.
Do you have domain , hosting , content , logo etc?

Hi, Yes i have a great domain name and hosting, content and logo will be made when i know i can make the site.

Well i would prefer to get a theme that is specif made for this purpose. but i wil take a look at those plugin.


Maby its more easy to understand if you see what type of features im looking for:

That site offers custom and prewriten articles.

You could build it with Woocommerce & WC Vendors plugin. Our themes are compatible with them.
Please check our portfolio.