Looking for WordPress WooCommerce Theme which Provides Software Add-on - WooCommerce Extension




Is there any theme available in Envato marketplace which provides Software Add-on - WooCommerce for Free.




Thanks for asking your question at Envato Forum.

Take a look on this page there is lot’s woocommerce theme spending some time to find out you chosen one where you can get free Add-on - WooCommerce Extension.



I have already done that but not able to find such theme.


okay then wait for someone reply, who can give you good item link.


Thank you for your quick reply & waiting…



You have to buy a theme which will almost meet your demand features but extra woocommerce add-ons (according to your demand) you have to purchase from your side.



Hi mgscoder,

I have only one demand and that is looking for a WooCommerce theme which gives free Software Add-on - WooCommerce extension.



Sorry to say I don’t have link such theme may be another community can help you. Some add-ons list if you interest:



I think I know what you mean. You are looking for a WooCommerce compatible theme that also contains “Software Add-on - WooCommerce” extension (that is actual name of the extension, available via WooCommerce.com marketplace) in the package. That way you only pay for the theme and get the extension for free, right?

Well, I think there is no such theme simply because the “Software Add-on - WooCommerce” extension licensing does not allow for such usecase. Also, please note that bundling premium plugins with WordPress themes is not a good practice (proved insecure in the past), but I understand many themes do that in ThemeForest…

Is there any specific reason why you don’t want to purchase the “Software Add-on - WooCommerce” extension from its developer (which is actually WooCommerce)? I understand their pricing is a yearly subscription, but I think there is no other choice for you in this case.

Hope this helps shed some light on the issue. Good luck with your website!


Hi webmandesign,

I was just checking If there is a theme to save the cost. Since there is none, will purchase the extension directly.