Can Someone Recommend a Print Shop Theme That Actually Works?

Hi, I have a client that wants to setup his print shop using WordPress and WooCommerce. Is there a specific theme that works for Printing companies?

Thanks very much


P.S. I reviewed the questions on two Printing Themes and there seemed to be a LOT of complaints. I will not mention theme names because that would be like slamming them and that is not my goal.

What you will print? Do you want option that users can design item put own image , text etc? You have plenty woocommerce plugins for such things.

Commercial Printing. Business Cards, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, large format items such a banner stands, logo walls and much much more. Typical items that most printing companies print. I am looking for a theme first. However, feel free to share your plugins as they may also be helpful once the themeis selected and installed on the WordPress with WooCommerce.

If you want to make something like vistaprint you can forget templates. For that is custom solution.

Here you can find several plugins✓

I have made several sites but you need to think about upload big files for banners , that is all user friendly etc.