Looking for a Wordpress theme or plugin

i’m looking for a Wordpress theme or WooCommerce plugin similar to https://www.beeboxx.nl/bestelling/.

Especially the functionality of self-assembling the products you need, interests me the most. I’m wondering if there is a theme, plugin or combination which is capable of doing that. Or should i contact a webdeveloper to develop this for me.

Thans in advance

Hey there, and welcome to the community forums. From what I see you need a Theme that’s good for listing and there are quite a few. Check out the Directory Listing section and also do a quick search for WooCommerce Themes. You may find one you love in these two categories. Be sure to ask the developer if the item is indeed WordPress and compatible with WooCommerce prior to purchase so you don’t have any issues after purchasing.


If you’re looking for a custom development, bear in mind to contact me if you’d need