Can you guys recommend some good themes for selling clothes?

Hi, I need a new WordPress theme for selling clothes. I just want something new, not the themes that are already popular like Divi or things like that. I am not a WP pro so I prefer the easy-to-use themes. Please help me! if I want something popular, I could have searched on google , I believe that this forum will help me to find some unique themes. Thank you!

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Why you just don’t pay someone who will make site by your needs? You will get site who is not looking like popular templates.
It all depends what is easy use for you. I have clients where they didn’t know how to put item in their shop and also have clients what they know everything on their site.

Thanks for your advice, I just want to see if there are any WP themes that will strike me before deciding to take a WP developer, which can cost more money. However, thanks again for your advice.

If you don’t have experience with building webshop maybe is better to pay to build it. Because you will loose time and money if you do it yourself and you don’t know that.
It is not just install templates and plugins there is lots of other things about site. Each template you can change so it is not looking same lie other sites.


You can check some of my items: ( Minishop / Ambra for example )

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Thank you for help

Try with Shopify, it very easy to use

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These are the top recommended themes now a days.
I personally use a custom theme in my eCommerce website which is