WP Theme recommendation - Showcase

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a WP theme that lets me show my products but not to sale, just as a showcase so the sales persons that work for me can show the products in detail to customers but with no ecoommerce or shopping cart.


Would any portfolio theme not work for that - there are literally thousands to choose from so it would come down to how creatively you want to display them


If you want I can make option where client can send ask for quote for item what you have? And latter your salesman can contact him for details or presentation.


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You can try our theme with catalog mode

Honestly you could pretty much use any theme you want because there are TONS of portfolio plugins out there. If you use our Total theme for example you can use either the included Portfolio Post type or WooCommerce in catalog mode. However, no matter what theme you use, even if it’s free there are plugins you can use for the showcase. If you want a premium plugin check out “The Grid” it’s amazing! If you want a free one go to WordPress.org and search for “portfolio” in the plugin directly.

Alternatively you can also choose any theme and use a “page builder” plugin for your product showcase.