Finally my first hard rejection. Please help me understand the reason

Hello, my friends!
Could you please write a feedback on this track:
Inspiring Adventure
Maybe there’s a way to change it and get an approval?))

Thank you in advance!

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the quality of this music. It seems mixed to a standard that I would expect would make it on AJ-- most of the samples sound fine, and nothing seems to be hugely out of balance.


As nice as the piece is, the arrangement is a little too fragmented. The big build to the happy guitar/string melody is at 1:03-- most people looking for that style of music won’t sit through the whole minute of music before it. (You’d be lucky if they sat through 30 seconds of it-- not because its bad, but because it isn’t the same character as the rest of the piece).

Once you finally get into the main idea of the piece, things change even more toward the end.

None of this makes the piece bad. But it would be hard to market.

It always feels bad to tell a composer to make their piece less interesting, but I think this one needs to be far less interesting to make it on an RF site like AJ.

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Hello, the track sounds ok to my ears, but you have 10 dB of unused dynamic range to the 0 dBFS. I would try to make it louder. There is psychoacoustic rule that says: Louder is better.

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Thank you so much for detailed responses! I really appreciate it!

Hey @T-IVAN! Cool track! Here are some things I think would help your track out.

  • Genre: I think the overall piece is a little confusing when it comes to what genre you are aiming for. The beginning feels cinematic/orchestral…Then slowly becomes very contemporary with the electric guitar plucking and the drums leading into the next section. I would try to define what the goal is for this piece (Cinematic, corporate, Jazz, etc.) to have a clearer idea of what genre this should be. That will also influence what instrumentation and even mixing decisions you make! But, it’s a very cool piece :slight_smile:

  • Mix-wise: The beginning of the track is really quiet compared to the rest of the more energetic parts of the track. Try to make it more even throughout the track (normalize). The drums could have more impact overall, as well.

Great job!

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Intro feels too long and once the full arrangement kicks in, the drums is very low in the mix. Most instruments are maybe a bit too busy near the end (before the final piano part). Plus like another said, not sure the track fits well with the title you chose. Just my humble opinion though. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot, my friends!! :slight_smile: