Your item has been rejected. First submission .

Hey guys! It’s my first submission so i’m not suprised that it was rejected but reviewer comment didn’t help me at all. Maybe you can give me some feedback. Thanks!

Hi @twistem17, this is a good first try at a submission. I think perhaps the reason it was rejected is because your chord choices give a sense of finality or “ending”. As soon as I heard the progression it felt like an ending to a track. I think in this genre of music, conventions matter more than creativity unfortunately! Have a poke around the corporate section of AJ and see what the common musical conventions are and how they’re used.

Another tip would be to make your transitions between sections a bit more refined. It’s very obvious when instruments drop out at around 0:48 for example. Utilise your software’s keyswitches to end phrases or disguise these transitions with some type of sample (my favourite is a reversed cymbal).

Also, the ending could be a bit more well defined. Especially in this type of corporate music. I think customers appreciate being given options - quite often your music will be used by the customer to tell a story and you want to give them a satisfying and conclusive ending to that story. Same goes with the track as a whole - make sure you’re giving the customer a few different “flavours” to work with!

Keep it up! The production is fairly solid, just a few tweaks here and there and you’ll be well on your way - good luck!

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Wow, amazing feedback! I’ll take note of the advices. Many thanks!

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