Help me! Hard Rejection of my first submission...

Hi there, today I received a hard rejection, unfortunately, of my first submission. I don’t understand the rejection at all…could you help me out please? It was submitted in ‘World Music’. Thanks for helping me out!

Maybe just the style is a problem : I’m not sure it’s the kind of music that people is looking for here.
Another thing is the low quality of sounds, it sounds like cheap synths (strings at 0:33, pizz arpeggios, snare…).

Thanks, I do think you’re right about the strings…

To be honest it sounds good to me but I am not an expert in audio. Maybe someone with more experience will be able to give you answers.

Hi there,

First off, the composition is OK. I think that the problem clearly is in the production. The sound overall is a little on the artificial, plasticky side due to mediocre samples quality, as @musimaker already pointed out . On top of that, everything is mixed very direct, in-your-face, which, together with the mediocre sounds gives a clinical, sterile, cheap impression - almost kitchy, particularly when you switch to major key from at around 1:05 min.

Besides exchanging sounds/samples, one or two good sounding rooms/reverbs could do wonders and help blend and colour the sound in a nice way (think: wood). It’s always a question of taste but a track like this should have more character and could use a little grit/dirt. You could even try saturation/distortion here and there. In any case, you really should try to lose that thin and cheap 80ies sound. Good luck!

Thank you very much, that is really helpful!

Thanks for your reply, indeed I received some good feedback of @FirstNote!