Here is the previous work Modification . Can you please tell me that am I on right path .


hi there is something tasteful about what u have here though , u also have to deal with a lot of issues indeed … here we go …

1- execution
the main shape does not look perfectly smooth and well executed indeed

2- typo
this is too flat at this stage, lacking originality and variations , as well as font combinations, too. this is also too thin to a certain extent and there is a lack of impact resulting from this …

3- contrast
this is much of an issue as not only this is part of basic design principles but this is also bringing additional trouble to the table, too , see below.

4- readability
this is resulting from 3 … the colors that u have chosen and the lack of contrast make texts rather hard to read indeed and in the best cases they are not popping out

5- hierarchy of information
this part of directly linked to both contrast and typo issues … u have nothing being outstanding at this stage and this gives people the feeling of a card lacking of visual punch and attractiveness indeed

6- coherence
when it comes to shapes there is a coherence matter indeed, having extremely curvy shapes mixed with very angular ones is definitely not a good idea to create harmony …

7- extra touches
for me what u have about curves is interesting despite the lack of perfection in the execution but there is , according to me , a need to drop shadows behind to make smoother transition and for the visual to look more complete and worked out

8- colors
as for colors, they are basically good but , mixed contrast issues and so on, they are not enabling u to have a more punchy result … the combination of the white background and these colors make u end up with a rather "dull atmosphere "

once again buddy start a new thread for every new rejection this is better … unless u expect no one to come to answer lol