Feedback on my awesome theme!

This is my theme url -

Is this good for themeforest submission? Waiting for your valuable feedbacks.



One question before I give you some feedback.

What if I don’t want to use About Us section E.G.? Will there be a blank space?

Unfortunately no. You have much work to it.
Try to do a modern design.
Watch the top products to understand trends.
Good Luck @


Sorry - I actually thought your digital marketplace one was not a million miles off but this one has quite way to go.

  • typography is not great esp. titles

  • social icons alignment is off

  • spacing needs work e.g. between titles and content

  • about page icons next to text does not really work

  • title block and subtitles feel a bit lost in that white space

  • generally the design is a bit out dated


Yes, there will be. But you can fill that area with any other design elements.

fully agree withm @thezoc and @charlie4282

I am afraid the general design requires major changes still to be approved.

Typography, color, hierarchy requires significant improvements.

the combination of many colors does not fit the design

its design is pretty basic, try to be more creative

Keep working good luck


Thanks @charlie4282 @TexTheme @webdoone @thezoc. Look like this need a bigger rework. I will definitely keep you guys updated on improvements.

Thanks again.