Feedback my flyer before of submit graphicriver.

Hi @n2n44 @ToivoMedia @tmcom

Please feedback this flyer thanks.

please help me!!!

nothing help me :frowning:


The idea is ok but not perfect. The overall flyer should be lighter(in terms of colors)

Take a look at some approved items.

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Many thanks :slight_smile:

I will make a flyer for example ideas , regards.

u mean no one, right? lol we are not robots lol


Sorry, this my flyer is very bad error, I will make again new flyer inspiration for example designs approved in graphicriver

why should it be, as for i know it depends on her and what she wants to do out of her item … there are codes for sure but some on this theme are pretty dark background … it also depends on what people put on top of it …

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Now yes?

hi Jeri
indeed first of all, people may disagree, but, as for me, i am not thinking that the choice of the “pacifico font” is the best one in this case. Not only is this failing to imbricate with the other one, but as for me u do not have chemistry between both central types / titles when both titles are in a focus point. This feeling is reinforced by the fact that the other one that u use for all other texts are not matching with the titles either. U have a global lack of harmony font wise, to sum up shortly …

Then, once again some people may not agree with this, but as for me, i tend to consider that minimalistic is not this much of a good idea … it’s like designers are jut shotting a bullet in their own feet and say to buyers that they are not necessary (as minimalistic style takes little tool expertise, just basic ones) … INdeed, people may wander what they pay for or what is the additional thing that u bring to the table so that they buy (and really save time and effort) rather than do by themselves. The fact of the matter is that if u do not have much work put in your item and what offer your potential customers to buy, this is not only difficult to avoid them doing by themselves, but this is also difficult to manage to do something different that the very large number of authors have already offered one way or the other. To get more accurately back to your item here, once again, this is kind of too flat, whether we evaluate the work u put into it or the fact that u have no real depth in your creation … do not feel afraid to do more and to look for making something really worked out, this is better than the other way around at least u may develop your own style.

besides , to tell you how i feel minimalistic style for you, at this stage, is even less a good idea as what u need to do is to work on your skills and thus manipulate it all to forge further experience and develop design competence to bring them to the next level (especially in such a very competitive environment as the one we have here … getting notice or selling is much of a big deal with so many authors, items, and so on)

if i did not really agree with with what @themelsr said in terms of colors, i tend to believe that he would have been true if he wanted to mention that your item is lacking light. Yes, indeed, you have one central flare but this is it … u should bring more light all around the design , either to create depth but also to make so part more outstanding and worked out

u have to think about hierarchy of information, this is not necessary all the time, but i think that providing the club’s name with a bit relief cannot be a bad idea indeed

sorry to say just that but in a general way, at this stage, what u are suffering from is that everything looks a bit like too quickly and superficially created in a way, u have to put a bit more heart into it what u create and most importantly take your time, consider details (that really matter), bring a global harmony and originality to the table, make sure that all u could not do any better and maximize your skills and competences and that they transpire from your items …


True, most newbies go for quick and basic, since it is time viable, and sells.

But quick and basic, will probably have less staying power, long term.

I know that when l first started l took this seriously and invested some of my money into graphic elements, (we can’t mention other sites here, but a quick google search will bring up the top big ones).

Costed me around the $200 mark for 750 background, elements, etc, (if l remember correctly).and took some time to whittle their stuff down, and about a month to download it all.

But my work quickly went up a notch, sure it took some time to clean it, (the palm tree one was a nightmare and took me a week) but as Nico, (n2n) has said, you need to invest in yourself to get going with this.

Playing it safe, and doing baseline work, is a risky way forward.


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Thanks to all for help me better my flyer, maybe approved my flyer on graphicriver :slight_smile:, I love n2n44 is a great nice help :slight_smile: regards.