Feedback for this business card

Is it enough for the quality standarts? Thank you all.

I like the pattern in the background, but that’s really the only designed part about this, which to me isn’t really enough to be considered a business card product.

At this point I’m not sure exactly what you’d need to do, but I think there needs to be more than just a pattern and some text. However, in terms of this particular design, I’d move the text and logo a bit further apart, it all looks too congested in the middle.

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i think this is crystal clear what he need to do personally … if a agree about what u said , the thing for him to do is to push the envelope in terms of graphic design, everything is too flat , common , and everything so far …the hierarchy is close to not existing … the typo is rather flat and lacking a bit font combinations and originality , the contrast is hardly ok … nothing is popping out much … the global disposition of the b side is way too small … when the other side is made of "nothing at all " at this stage i do not understand the need to have 2 sides just to have a single logo like this …