Feedback and opinions about this project

Hello Community;
Recently I have uploaded a project.
Unfortunately, It was rejected. Honestly I’m not totally satisfied with it and I think it needs more improvement.
So I’m awaiting to hear your feed back, opinions and tips for improving this project.
Here is the link to the preview video.
Fire Project Preview
Thank you in advance for putting the time to check this post and thank you again for replying.

Good project but very drawn out,
I also recommend that you animate the camera with a light shaking in a collision

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Thank you CRY3D for your help.
Sounds like a cool thing to add.
I appreciate your feedback.

Agree with CRY3D… you could cut out the 1st part with the trails and just work on the hit at the end, which is the strong part of your animation. So just a fast dramatic hit. Or… (this might be out there)… have close up of hands or a (business suit dude or?) manipulating the flames at first then reveal the logo.

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You’re absolutely right MoveNshake about the animation, it’s a little bit long and this is due to length of the audio file.
I’ll try to clip the animation or make something interesting at the beginning.
I adore your idea of adding some hands or 3d character manipulating the flames. I’ll think about realizing it.
Thanks for your help friend.