Your item, Fire Lower Thirds, has been rejected

Hey There, I am a new Author and seeking for advice becuase my first project has been rejected:

I tried to go a bit in a different direction with these animations, i know they aren´t really prime examples for “typical lower thirds”, so I thought they would be some kind of “unique” as i haven´t really seen similar ones.
Simulating and Rendering out the fire, compsoiting in Ae and mixing it with the text defenetly took some time.

So I was honestly a bit irritated when i´ve read that they don´t fit the minimum requirements, and that “simple or basic lower third projects are acceptable, however they must contain exceptional design…”
How can this project be considered basic? I tried my best to be creative let the text interact with the fire.

I know that the fire doesn t look realistic and that the lower thirds might not appeal a super wide audiance, but i still thought they would have the potential to be attractive.

The project is very organized, I´ve included a pdf and video help file.

So I´d like to hear your opinion :grinning:.

Maybe try to re-purpose it towards another project like a logo-reveal.
I’ve had quite recently an item hard rejected.

What I did? Made another one that got approved. :slight_smile:


It was very cool interaction with the fire !! Perhaps the amount of lower-thirds influenced the rejection, it was only 4 animations. Make a package with at least 15 title animations and some logo-reveal options as @audaciousleap quoted. A tip that you will always find here, follow what the market offers and have as reference to maintain the proper quality.
And remember, the presentation should be well done. Good luck!!

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Thank you for your input! :grinning: Much appreciated.
I think i will tweak them towards logo-reveal animations.

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The problem is that you went for flash, as in the fire, but the design is minimal. So you can’t have both at the same time. Either make the whole design more bold, and visually interesting, or tone down the fire a lot more, maybe even go for a stylistic version of fire and not a realistic simulation


nice fire! looks really cool.

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Good point.

Thank you :grinning: