"hard reject" where am I making a mistake

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Why do you think these two works have been rejected and can we find spark-style animations from any site and add them to the project?
Which sites would you recommend if we could?
Thanks a lot
preview of my projects below

Hi. I think both projects have almost no animation work, overall design quality looks very low and sparks in the first project are too artificial to me. You don’t need to download premade sparks, you can make them look very realistic with Trapcode Particular, there are many tutorials on Youtube about this.
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Quite like the concept of the first one. Definitely needs at least some camera movement though, the embers could be improved a bit and the shadows in the rocks could flicker/move slightly from the fire.

Second one is quite nice as well… probably needs something to elevate it a bit, but not quite sure what that something is!

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For first one I would also fix the contrast issue. Now the black logo on black background is not good, i would make the logo maybe white, and it could somehow “light up” or reveal itself as the sparks light reaches it. (i think second animation logos style could also work with first animation, just make their color kinda red-ish)

Would also remove the transparent logos, and would make them clean white or so, where you can’t see the background texture through them. Now it looks to “dirty” and composition wise not balanced, cause there’s just this background texture EVERYWHERE :smiley: theres nothing that creates much contrast, or where you can rest your eyes on from all the texture and sparks :smiley:

Second one looks cool but lacks something, like some long zooming in camera move, or some more interesting logo reveal.

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Thanks for your comment :relaxed:

thank you very much for your advice :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for ypur comment :slightly_smiling_face: