Do I have a chance with this Trailer?

Hi guys, I just want to know if I have a chance with this video to be accepted by videohive reviewers or I should make some changes? Thanks in advance, Marcin

It is great. It wiil be accepted by videohive.

Thank you for your comment, I’m happy that you like it, any others?

Care to explain how you made the flames for the titles? Because it looks like you used some of my assets from my unchained trailer.


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Sorry, but I never bought any of your projects, I want to stay honest with envato market, I didn’t even thought about things like that, I made that effects using Fractal Noise, Polar Coordinates, and CC Glass. Best Regards, Marcin

Here is the video in Full HD, so you can more exactly compare flames from your video to mine. Best Regards, Marcin

I may be wrong, but it looks exactly like mine, colors and all

I’m sure anyone could agree that you copied me pretty heavily. And i’m just not convinced with the fire thing, in all my years of after effects i never got fractal noise to behave like that. It really looks like you took my assets , which is a 3d fluid simulation, and just duplicated it and modified it a bit. If you can send me an after effects project file with just the effect (not the whole template), i’ll entirely withdraw my complaints and apologise. Please send file to


Ok, I will send you the file, but first I want to know what others have to say about this strange situation, for me at least, I see big difference in those flames, they are not even 3D as you mentioned, and they are much sharper than yours.

Alright looking forward to the file , i’ll update my post as soon as i check it :smiley:

So it takes you 3 hours to send a file?

Do I specify when I will send send you this file? Yes I specify, when the others will express their opinions about that on this forum, and I must say, that I feel like you try to buly me for obvious reasons that I do not want to say here, I’m completely sure how I create these flames and I don’t feel any guilt, so why I have to do it fast?

Maybe It’s late in my country and I want to sleep or at least rest, go for lawyer and Police or CIA anything if you feel cheated. I will send you when I want to, you are not my boss. The truth is that I don’t know you, maybe you want to steal them from me somehow, why you started this war at first, when it’s obvious that these flames are totally different, I can show you a lot of projects with flames, that are always similar somehow, but they have done differently. I will send you these files but maybe tomorrow. I cannot send you the same file that is in my project because it’s against envato policies, and I’m sure you understand this, file is already in the queue, and this could look like I give you asset from licensed project for free. I will create very similar one tomorrow, and then I will send you, and maybe I will forgive you.

The fact that you’re so obviously evasive on this matter just proves that you blatantly stole my assets from my project. I’ve been using after effects for years now and i can tell with certainty combining fractal noise with polar coordinates and cc glass does not give you that look. It gives you the look you have in your other fire based template (surprise, surprise).

The FACTS : I claim you steal something of mine and asked for proof that you made the effect yourself, then you said you were gonna provide that proof, and now you’re accusing ME of trying to steal YOUR project ?

You are obviously a beginner in after effects, while i am an experienced ae user for several years now. i KNOW the difference between actual fluid simulation and F*****G fractal noise.

And now you’re busted, for the whole world to see. Don’t bother to delete this thread or edit any post because i have print screens with all of it. Good job on posting stolen content on the damn public forums.

REVIEWERS : Please look out for this guy in the future, he will try to steal content again.


I’m beginner in After Effects, this is true, I didn’t upload many because I’m still learning and watching a lot of tutorials, but it doesn’t mean that I’m worst kind of human than you, you specify yourself to be master of everything even telepathically detecting cheats, I did not stolen any of your assets and I’m going to prove that ! You simply taking advantage of your position here, I know that you are experienced user of After Effects and you probably have a very good opinions here on envato market, so I did not have a chance fighting with you, but your self-confidence emanates from you from the first post, you did not even listened to me before, you are 100 % sure that I stole your asset, and I’m going to prove that you are wrong, but It’s sad that you use your power to destroy smaller than you, your conceit is so obvious, do what you want, destroy my opinion, but how you want to return it back to me if I’m telling the truth?

Ofcourse i’m bullying you since so far you haven’t proven that you stole my project, i said from the first post that if your proof is valid i will edit or erase all my posts, i’ll do whatever you want me to do with my previous posts and apologize to you. I’ll even buy one of your items of your own choice to compensate for all this attack.
All you have to do is provide an after effects file with just ONE layer that has that effect. Otherwise , everything that has been said so far points to you being guilty of stealing my assets. Am i wrong or what?

And I don’t want to delete or modify any post or thread, I’m not scared, because I know how I make it, I don’t feel any guilt as I said before.

Still not seeing the project file.

You are wrong because we are not seen opinions of other people, I will create file soon, It is really late now in my country, but I don’t want any problems, and I don’t need your mercy with buying my files, I just want to end this stupid thread, because I’m little tired, so please stop spam, that you don’t see this file on your email, it will be there asap.

I don’t care about the opinion’s of other people unless they’re experienced after effects users. So far you’ve been dodging me with every post, and frankly i don’t care anymore about this debate, it’s no longer fun. Steal all you want, you’re only harming yourself and preventing actual skill development. Peace

First slander me with Bold font, and now runaway, good tactic, I did not finished yet. This “Peace” is only for you I’m probably finished due to your reputation. Some of your experienced after effects colleagues still liking my music at least. Just please wait patiently for the file.

You guys could let staff decide… though usually if someone is claiming copyright, staff may not work in your favor. You could also take a simple screenshot of the project file showing how the effect was executed. I don’t think that breaches any Envato rules and should be effortless - only a matter of seconds of your time.