Will you accept this trailer project?

Hi guys, I’ve made new trailer for videohive with my music as well, just need some opinions from you, you guys think they will accept this?. Thanks in advance, Marcin Klosowski

Last time with no feedback my item was approved so it is a good sign when noone replies here. :wink:

Czasami zależy to od kaprysu akceptującego.

Dzięki za odpowiedź.

Here is updated version, since I don’t fully like the text in the previous version.

Looks nice, but I think its too repetative on the texts. And on the media side of the project, it doesnt really have any effects.

Thats what I think, you still can go and upload it if u want.

Thanks for feedback, I’ve already uploaded it 2 days ago, I’m still learning and I want to make a progress with after effects, the problem is that often I don’t see the bad things in my projects and I cannot really specify it’s quality, but it is strange because when I see someone’s project I instantly know that is good or bad.