Project Rejected - Need Feedback to Improve

Hello, I recently made a project with the intention that it would be a good fit for my elements portfolio and with regular updates would make a good seller on Videohive also.
I am a seasoned author so I think I have the technical game right?, I think I made a good demo video too.
I am gonna try to add more designs in this pack and send it for rechecking again hoping that more work has been put so there might be an approval but lets see.

Here is the demo, any insights is greatly appreciated! Cheers!

Demo -

I do not think that expanding the pack will help you get approval. I recommend you forget about this project and start doing something new. Because there is nothing new in this project. There are thousands of similar projects on the market, and yours doesn’t stand out by any originality. Do not repeat what is already there. Try to do something that no one else has done. Good luck :wink:


I disagree with Romlam… you have done good work here… The presentation just needs to be a little more sexy… You chose that watery abstract background… but the music is Hip Urban… try to add more interesting city urban scenes for the background. But keep it muted of course… Good luck …

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