My Item rejected, but it was predictable.

Hi, I’ve made changes to my last item on videohive and it was rejected of course. The problem is that I really want to promote my new music track (which is in this video) which in my opinion deserves a lot more attention especially in trailers categories. I don’t want to bother videohivers with my e-mails, because I’ve heard and see topics on forums that is looking bad and is treated like a scum or something and it doesn’t really work. I thought when I make the good trailer and link it to my music this will be the case, but I’m not that proficient in After Effects like in the music creation. So, I came here with this ugly trailer and looking for opinions, what should I add and what is missing. The comp is already layered orderly so I need to make some minor changes to make it look much better. I thought about element 3D, but it will be 3rd plugin used in this comp, and this is plugin you can’t pre-render. Just see guys for yourself and please help me, thanks in advance. Marcin

Hi! there is no dynamics, the appearance of the same type of text effect in one

So, you think I must edit the text to make it more interesting/differential and this will be enough, what about ending, because it’s a little different than the titles itself. Thank you, Marcin.