Need opinions before upload

Hi my dear friends from envato market, do you like my new track or not?

Hey @MarcinKlosowski!
Cool and catching attention intro and really nice string runs, but starting from 0:31 i’d suggest it will be more catchy, if you develope main idea further and layer up with more slammy string patches as well add more low end to it with some impacts.

Sounds nice already. And by now you finished the track probably. Like GeorgioRoss says, maybe some extra to add for the second run.

Thanks guys for the reply and details, I made some changes to the track and I uploaded it already. Regards

A bit too much recognizable damage and aeon, plus usually in trailer music you need really big expression in the end. In your track ending just repeats start. Yeah, there is percussion but this is not enough.

Anyway, nice track, I think someone might buy it! :wink:

Yes I tried to modify the damage and aeon samples, but always someone recognize this, and it’s not even strange, I know all samples from these libraries very well and even if someone try to modify them hard I still recognize them for sure :), there are even big companies which using these samples just listen to the Wildstar MMO OST, I think that they not even try to modify some of them, it’s so obvious. Anyways, my track is now little different I uploaded it already.