Spent 3 months on this cinematic/trailer track - would LOVE some feedback before submitting!

Hi guys. I’ve been working on this cinematic/epic trailer track for about 3 months now. Finally coming to some sort of a conclusion. My ears are pretty burnt out at the moment so I’d love to get some feedback from the community on a) the composition and b) the mix: https://soundcloud.com/…/pirates-skywalkers-cinematic-hero-…

My total sales are now over 360 but I’ve been coming up against some rejections as of late, so I’d like to at least get this track as polished as possible before submitting.

Thank you all in advance!

  1. The track does not go anywhere
  2. There is no heroic theme as described in the title
  3. The Damage percussion library has been used to death on this marketplace just like the muted guitar
  4. The mix is flat and has no punch

There are not enough dynamic transitions between parts. Violins should have more expression.

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Please do not despair. Only the toughest critics can bring real benefits. Besides, everything of the above is fixable:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, all, for your feedback. This is exactly what I’m after - would rather make edits and be prepared prior to submission to give myself the best possible chance of acceptance. @gballx and @LineSound, just hoping you could possibly elaborate a little further, particularly when it comes to the dynamics and expressions? And @gballx, when you say it ‘does not go anywhere,’ what do you suggest? Or what parts in particular seem to be lacking?

Regarding point 4, after listening with fresh ears, I can certainly hear how ‘flat’ the mix now sounds. Lacks a lot of color/brightness, right?

@CyrilNikitin, did you have anything further that you could add at all?

Thank you all in advance!

First track from above.

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The main problem I notice here is that strings feel buried in the mix. Its your main element and it doesn’t shine. Try making them more upfront, not just volume but play with midi velocity (dynamics, accents), watch for too short attack times on compressors, also I would boost a little high end and see how it goes.

The mix sounds flat and muddy as said before.

Also doesn’t sound too heroic or epic, more like a dramatic underscore with slight heroic and epic vibes

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Thanks so much for that feedback @MarscottMusic and @LineSound. That is exactly what I was after and will be a big help. I will continue to work on the changes you have advised and repost an update accordingly. Thanks again!