Wonder why this project was hard rejected?


My recent After Effects project submission was hard rejected.
Well, before submitting it I made a comparison with some other projects in the same category.
For me, I found that my project was on the same level as the projects that compared it to them.

Well, this is the link to the preview video of my project.
Various Explosions Logo Reveal

Here the other projects that I compared my project with them.
Fire Reveal Logo
Fire Action Logo

According to you what do you think that my project is missing, or why wasn’t it accepted?
I really appreciate your feedback and your opinions.

Thanks for your help.

Youtube Link is not working

Thanks Creattive for directing my attention, I made it private by mistake instead of unlisted.
It’s working now.

I think the look of the fire is the main problem. It does not look very realistic, the fire shader and the render is the problem here. I think it looks a bit like plastic, not like a gas but rather a solid object. You should reduce the density of the smoke a lot.
You should improve the shader, make the fire light up the smoke (could be faked with placing a light object inside the fire), use light scattering inside the smoke.

The simulation itself could be improved as well to not get this mushroom look, I personally dislike the mushroom look but this is personal taste.

In composition, you should add more glow to the fire, make the fire light up the logo more, make it look more integrated in the scene.

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I see, you’re absolutely right about the look of the fire and smoke.
Tour tips are so valuable, when I looked more deeply at your project, your fire and smoke were more realistic.

Me too I was not quite satisfied with the mushroom look.
Well, as this is my first project with this kind of effect I saw it from a narrow perspective. :smile:

I’ll try to consider all the points that you have mentioned and follow them to improve it.
I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks again Tobi!

Best regards.

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And creating intentions using different camera angles that works great. Right now it looks not good. There are lots of things u need to change

I appreciate your feedback MationMAX, thanks!

I can grasp your tip about the camera angles, I think that may add an immense effect to the overall project.
You’re right this may have the potential to look better.
So what are the things that I need to work on and change according to you?

I dont like the fire color. You are just revealing the logo behind smoke. But if you create small fire effect on logo for small amount of time and reveal the original logo colors it will give more impact. These are my quick thoughts. But if you think more there will more ideas will come.

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It was cool for me to hear your quick thoughts, MotionMAX. :blush:

Thanks again for your feedback.

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