Project Videhive Rejected, opinion of other authors are welcome


Would like some feedback on the project, so I can make it better and even be accepted in VideoHive, the project failed even following some tutorials on how to build a project for Envato like putting expressions, layer control, care of the animated particles, like a 2nd opinion from experienced authors can help me improve my work for next submission, any help, tutorial, pdf or opinion is welcome
Thanks to those who help me in my work

Follows the job link


I don’t see something wrong in animation. I think the only you can fix is logo and website moves.
It’s too basic i think. Give some “space” to animations, ease fade i don’t know, something to be more realistic…

… and try to upload it again.

Note: Rejection is not always the video above. Need to have a good template structure. Do you include help document inside? Even the “smokes” you use in case are ready video files need to have commercial license, license to use to your project for free.

Good luck! ; -)


It looks great, should’ve been approved to be honest


looks nice with the colorful smoke, I don’t know what the problem was.
wonderful combination with the piano-logo, good work

maybe you will have a look at my portfolio for your next project.
keep it up, great stuff


It doesn’t look ‘tasty’ for me. To much highlights, smoke shadows look dirty.
Probably, if highlights and shadows will look more smooth and clean it could be accepted


hello @odiusfly , yes I included help files for end users in the form of video and tried to centralize all settings in layer control, as the project structure separated the issue of folders Ex. Elements, PreRenderedParticles Render Composition, many comments in project and etc …, as the smoke file I created myself the smoke was not a third party that created still need a license, I thought that it stayed on the terms of Envato, if you really need you have a model? Grateful for the advice with the logo will revise it to improve it, thanks to other authors for making available time for viewing my post


From my untrained eye, I’m a music contributor, I think it looks really cool. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Maybe the final logo at the end could have a little more movement or something, like the others have suggested.


Just try another version with less changes… Maybe you 're lucky next time! ; -)


@odiusfly ok, thanks for your help !