Feedback about rejection

Hello all, second rejection in two submissions. First one clearly was because of social icons. Now I’m lost (I would like to suggest Envato let moderators explain the reasons of a reject, it would help a lot in the learning process).

This is the file:

It’s all vector, fully editable, and it delivers what it says: convertion of images into illustrations like old postage stamps. An action do the work, and user can edit text, colors, etc. This is a possible result:

Negative aspects enough for a rejection? All hints are welcome.

EDIT: I published a video about how to use it, too

Bump. Still wanting to know reasons for the rejection.

Probably that was the last time I tried a submission (yeah, nobody cares), since there is no support, not even a word about rejections, so we are kind of at mercy of a random moderator rejecting for absolutely unknown reasons.

I’m not ranting at all, just noting because we see worst works being approved and it doesn’t make much sense. What kind of motivation people gonna have to keep working this way?

Anyway, best regards.

Not sure about “no body cares” l mainly work in flyers myself.

I have done very good flyer designs in the past and got clobbered at times; sometimes because there were too many similar items about, or l made a mistake, or the mods, just didn’t like it.

The above item seems like a good idea, but if you are talking about not so good items, being accepted, a good part of them probably barely make it through.

Second rejection, lol, l failed 8 times before l got one through.

Good luck.


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