Featured track was disabled for description, tags, bpm and structure "plagiarism"

Hello! Here is some interesting situation.

Featured disabled track:

( https://audiojungle.net/user/oddvision )

“Copied” track: https://audiojungle.net/item/future-bass/18407743

It seems that now everybody can complain about all tracks with similar to yours description, tags, bpm and structure.

Here is the claim:

“Similarities in the idea of the composition itself, description, tags (I understand that at all when they are similar but in this case, can be traced the same sequence with some changes) I do not like to complain, but in this case a little bit disappointing (I think you will understand me) If you can, check out these elements.”

So who can advise me what I have to answer to envato support team in this situation? Thanks.


Sounds the same yes, as in you two probably used the same sample library or VSTi.
But plagiarism? nope… not in my opinion… has the same vibe, same sound, but that’s it (im not counting description and tags).
If this is plagiarism, then audiojungle can delete 80% of the corporate inspirational tracks.


this is the same “Envato” advises to watch popular items. Why are you surprised? so I made the track, he also plagiarism?

totally agree!

Robert - when are you going to stop copying ME?

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Tracks are completely different! Just awful!

Both tracks are pretty cool. In terms of musical plagiarism, this is absurd. Most of the future bass tracks have the same structure and make use of those chords that sound slick (and yes, like Robert said about those corp tracks :slight_smile: ) In terms of description and tags… take any last year\this year bestseller and search their description of the song and see the results. So I believe this will work out for you because in my opinion this is not a case of plagiarism.

Best wishes!

If I could have the imagination and creative genius that both of these tracks have then I would do stuff like these - plagiarism I do not think so, similar yes, in the same vain - Yes but truly wonderful all the same.

How dare you plagiarize the bpm of another song?! :open_mouth:
No but seriously, this is silly. Different songs = not plagiarism

In terms of the music, it’s really a shame this has happened to you. This is not plagiarism! I agree with RobertSlump - “If this is plagiarism, then audiojungle can delete 80% of the corporate inspiration tracks”. I hope you can get it resolved soon.

From what I’ve seen of other posts, I think that if Envato receive a DMCA notice they may automatically disable the track until the situation is resolved between the author and the person sending the DMCA notice, i.e. they don’t make a judgement themselves on whether the allegation of copying is justified or not.

Your track is way better and not even remotly similar to that one. That dude is just thinking that he is better than he is.

Tell him to piss off and write another one)

As soon as you stop being succesful good Sir!

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I’m so sorry to hear it…

This is not plagiarism, in my opinion…

I think, that it’s not correctly to block track for this reason…

In both tracks guys used classical synths, vocal chops, drums which are used in most FUTURE BASS WORLD HITS!

Just hear Marshmello, Slushii, Flume… ect…

Butterflystudio didn’t invent this structure, this style and this instruments!

I hope, OddVision will have a chance to return his track back… :frowning:


I think you need to send Envato, via support, a DMCA counter notice. You can find some guidance and examples of these by googling DMCA counter notice. If I understand things correctly, the author making the original complaint has to say that they are prepared to go to law about their claimed copyright ownership, and if they don’t your item can be reinstated.

But please if anyone who knows more about these things thinks I’ve got this wrong, please say so!


PLAGIARISM??? The 80% of music on audio jungle (especially corporate and epic music) there are “plagiarism” the same music function. So, about 80% of stock should be disabled hehehe. The differences are in samples , arragment, atmosphere etc. In my opinion it’s not plag.Odd, you should write support and I think that your music will bee enabled:DDD


A lot of 80s metal is distorted guitar, bass, speedy drums and some crazy vocal which is not plagiarism. But exactly the same riff or melody is plagiarism. So, it’s not actually fair to ban this track for that reason. Nice way to say sorry is to feature another amazing track from him.


PLAGIARISM??? where???

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In my opinion it is similar to the structure and of a little harmony, but not the main melody, some sounds too similar but it’s part of the style future bass. Arrangement a whole different! This is not a plagiarism!

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