Help Please! Future bass rejected!

it can only be a watermark motif


For me the track sounds super solid. Was it rejected with the standard reason (commercial/production quality standards)?

yes, This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately. can the watermark be a problem? but I don’t think they would make a strong rejection. On my portfolio I had this drop as a logo, however, I deleted everything as a rule (I could have implemented it) but I decided so. Now I have reloaded the full track. I don’t know why. And I don’t think this is a reason for rejection

I was quite convinced that this track was accepted and instead

Your ZIP File (Main file) should include all song edits in WAV and MP3 format and only the preview file should contain a watermark. Whenever I had problems with the watermark, my item was soft rejected but not hard rejected. Also when there is a conflict with another (similar) item in your profile, which happened to me once, the reviewer should tell you the reason.

This is just a guess: The number of Future Bass tracks has grown a lot and you can find hundreds of Future Bass tracks for any kind of purpose and mood. So maybe they raised the standards in that genre and accept only extra-ordinary outstanding Future Bass tracks :slight_smile:

ah oki thansk , you now the control files always and I know perfectly well that the watermarker goes on the mp3 however I did not understand the reason for the rejection. Sounds good to you anyway ??

I agree.
Do we all agree that some recently rejection are wierd?..

I think it is generally a good idea to raise the quality standards during review process. The higher the standards, the better for clients.