newbie question. Item Rejected

Hello! I’m just new one at AJ, and have some questions :innocent:

  1. this track got rejection, i can’t understand whats wrong with it. so i ask you guys for help, what should i change to fit for AJ standarts.

  2. same situation.


First link isnt playing.

2nd one , its an awesome track, I wonder why. Actually I hear some bad notes at 1:10 , for a fraction of time, disharmonic chords like 1/4 or 1/8

Also remove the birds!!! Maybe the birds are the reason!!! lol

Maybe also the “ouh” is too loud. Can’t think of something else than these! :confused:

Also I would end this track a bit more gently, not so immediate, make a reverb tail in the end?

Good luck!


Thank you! so, any Vocals or Animal/Birds & etc. sounds, better not use ?
btw, 1st link fixed.

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Great stuff. Compliments!!!

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All items that we uploaded at our first account have been approved. And at the
new account 90% of them are rejected.

why its happened ?

don’t use real sound fx like rain, birds, thunders, wind etc because the editors can add them if they need them. Vocals are accepted of course!

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This is what I actually believe to be the reason for at least some of the rejections. Perfectly fine tracks are not being approved, because they’re uploaded to accounts in not so good standing.


before, i upload to our first account 3 tracks, some of them approved & get sales. then we decide to make specific new, fresh & clean account.
and all 3 tracks, which is approved at old account, rejected.
but one track approved at new one, so, like i say, i’m new one, and maybe problem was in “Nature Sounds”.
anyway, i edit tracks, remove unnecessary sound & re-upload again.

btw, is the naming files can be reason of reject ?
i always name all ZIP & MP3,WAV same name
Epic cinematic preview.mp3
Epic cinematic.wav

Nice music! Needs way better mixing.
Naming your files that way is totally ok and it would just lead into soft reject if not.
But as I understood you reuploaded approved AJ tracks on another AJ account?! This would result into perm bann :flushed:

but we delete them before upload to new account. or its doesen’t matter ?

Once deleted = no reupload! You could contact support to transfer them from account to account.

Love that second beat man, if that’s getting rejected I may as well throw the towel in :rofl:

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If you had them uploaded and approved, you could send a support request to Envato with the tracks links, and you can tell them about you want to upload it in other account. Its strange, if these were approved, send envato a message!

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where i can find email Envato Support ?

Hi, I think your tracks are really great and well produced ! I think a “bit balanced mix” (more neutral, less artistic ) should be really perfect, but it’s my accorded to my personal taste considering stock music :slight_smile:

About rejections, you should know that Aj is really more severe with new comer and with everyone in general .

If your work has no a fully commercial value they won’t accept your work ! This is why it’s become harder, and some time it’s just a little bit of luck and it depend about which reviewer review your music so it’s really hard to know ! And you told about the fact that, your track were accepted, now rejected, the opposite also exists ! This is why the review process here is really strange and not 100% accurate. I suggest to upload your work on other marketplace in the same time. Rejections sound like a waste of time, but there is so much place where you can show your work to the world and make sale :slight_smile:

Great work btw, and keep it up with your great work :slight_smile:


Second track kind of reminds me of Toto “Africa” - sounds great!

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Write big email to envato support, hope they answer :alien:

Let’s not lose perspective here. It would take a helluva lot more than that to get permanently banned. We’ve seen much worse behavior punished with no more than a slap on the wrist. If detected, something might happen, but a permanent ban? Highly unlikely.