Fast Multi-Purpose Wordpress Theme Other Than The7 With Visual Composer?

Hi guys, I am currently looking for a fast multi-purpose wordpress theme that contains visual composer any recommendations?
I’ve been using The7 theme for quite some time overall its a great theme that has many variations in how it can be customized, the only drawback is that when updating the backend of a website the speed can be quite poor so it can sometimes take up to 1 minute for a change to take affect. Clients have also mentioned that their sites run quite slow. I have also ran speed checks on average websites that use this theme take up to 6s to load.

Does the page builder have to be VC? Check our ‘Foundry’ (uses VC) or Enfold (if it doesn’t need to be VC)

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Yes ideally and ok thanks I’ll check it out any others you can think of?

Top wordpress themes I’ve worked with that utilize VC: Enfold, Salient, X-Theme, Stockholm, Total, and maybe Avada.

How are they in terms of speed though? I’ve worked with Avada before and to be honest the response time was slower than the7. Also when performing a speed test on a site using this theme the result returned was 11s. I am looking for a theme that will make websites load in the 0-4s range.

Here is performance of my personal site, which uses Salient.

Here is another of my sites with Enfold.

I will say I spend a LOT of time optimizing my sites, most wordpress sites are always going to be around 4seconds.

Enfold is awesome but I don’t think it uses VC

Both seem intriguing based on those results thanks thats helped a lot, may I also ask whats the best ways to optimize wordpress websites? Also should it all be carried out manually through the htaccess file or are installing additional plugins better?

Yes just checked it just says its compatible with it. Its a shame because the demos seem a lot more diverse in comparison to Foundry. Do you know of any other themes that use visual composer and produce quick page loading times?

Enfold uses a Visual Composer, it may not be WpBakery, but I personally think it is leaps ahead of wpbakeries, and looks much much nicer from the get go.

One of my main reasons for using Enfold is they have an amazing support staff, and will give you the code you need to customize your site when you can’t get it yourself. Their support team steps out of the way to help with any issue, even if it’s not their themes fault.

For optimizing Wordpress websites, I like to ensure all imagery is under ~50kb per, then I use WP Smushit, and make sure all image sare hosted through a CDN. I use BWPMinify for css/js minifications/compression and then lastly W3TC for caching.

I also prefer minimally designed sites with large white space, so there is usually not too many resources. I try to stay under 150 request, although with WP and plugins that can be hard. For diagnosing speed issues, check out GT-metrix, P3 plugin profiler, and theme check.

I experience the same issue with The7 v3. A very robust theme, but the backend too slow to be usefull. Support said that nothing would speed it up and suggested uninstalling plugins…but I only had the ones that came with the theme. I am also trying to setup woocommerce on this theme (which was included, eith pages pre built) and can’t take the slow update in setting up woo as well.

Thanks for the info on other VC compatible themes. I have used X. It was very slow editing VC until I bought a VC (which came with the theme) and upgraded VC. Then, with s licenced version of vc, it flew!