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Hi fellows,

seems that at the moment about 90% of all WordPress templates are made with elementor or wp bakery. Unfortunately it is not possible to reach a good page speed score with this. Even Avada has massive problems with page loading.

My question: Can anyone recommend a good business template for wordpress that achieves a page speed score (on google) of at least over 60 on the demo page? Why is there no filter option on Themeforrest to give preference to fast templates? This is such an important topic - and even more so this year, as the value will officially flow into the Google ranking.

Thank you in advance!

While speed is of course important (before you even start looking at all the other relevant factors), basing it on theme demos is not necessarily the best idea as these will be including a vast volume and mix of features, functionality, files etc that would never be there is true to life end website.

What tool are you basing it on?

Try this one Revolution - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme by fuelthemes | ThemeForest

I have tested one of my item 3 times on Google Speed test (all that in the 20sec) and the result was 40, 60 and 70.

Why there is so huge difference in the score? Simple - the server speed is also calculated in that score and that is the main reason why the score is low (or high). It depends how server was fast at the moment when you was running the test (I am still using shared host).

On other side, if you test the item on gtmetrix you will get a score for “Structure” - and for me that is the only number on which you should take a look (it is related to the page/code structure) - other numbers are related to the server it self (that is how I understand the gtmetrix report).

And I must agree with @charlie4282 - I have tested ThemeForest on google page speed and the score was 32 but on other side they have huge number of visits/sales and business success. It is not all just in the numbers.


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Thank you, charlie, this template seems to be a good one. I think page speed is one of the most important things beneath look and feel. I really cannot understand the hype about elementor… Every page is looking the same and is really slow. For me the page load time is one of the most important factors besides a tidy design.

Page load time is not only important for Google ranking, but also to prevent visitors from bouncing. With many templates, I see page load times of 10-25 seconds, which is simply too long.

Elementor is (significantly) faster than many other page builders.

Fundamentally if you start adding plugins esp heavyweight ones like page builders it will slow things down, but @CocoBasic raised a very good point that we didn’t mention which is that if you are looking at the same site demo using GoDaddy Essential .v. a copy WPEngine or SiteGround’s WP-hosting then this is completely skewed and only partly (a very small part) related to the theme.

Not diluting the importance of page speed (just you wait until AMP becomes more commonplace and relevant) getting too hung up on page speeds esp if you are looking at Google’s tests, is like when people get frustrated that by adding a handful of keywords to Yoast doesn’t send them to the top of page 1 on Google. It will drive you insane.

At the end of the day if speed or other optimization is absolut critical then the answer is to invest in a custom build solution with zero bloat or unnecessary features, and a dedicated hosting solution.