Desperately looking for REALLY fast theme

Fast at mobile Google page speed insights.
Divi theme have very good speed, but theme weird itself.

The theme is only part of the equation - If a site:

  • uses cheap shared hosting
  • does minify scripts
  • uses bloated non-optimised images
  • too many plugins etc.
    To name just a few factors

Then it doesn’t matter what theme you use.

FYI using things like page speed on demos is a bit of a false economy on some levels as theme demos will always be heavy weight to demonstrate all the different features and functionality plus don’t reflect the end buyers hosting etc.


Demo themes are optimized already as much as possible (pics, scripts, hosting etc.).
Should I buy slow theme (with speed index 6 from 100) and spend my own money / time to make it a little bit faster? No way!

You won’t end up with a site that contains every feature, page, function that the theme offers as in the demo

Also with respect while page speeds and other tools like those are great in their own right, there are a number of reasons and causes that they do not always give a true reflection.

Surely you should not waste time and money by purchasing a slow theme/plugin. No matter what, if a demo theme is slow then it means its slow not by the cause of adding whole content but with some serious issues during development.

Because what if a user want to use all features should he/she suffer ??? That’s not solution for the money after all.

Take your time and only move with fast speed theme.

What type of theme actually you want ???

Site speed is only in minimal part related to the theme:

  1. Server side load time
  2. File size of .css and .js files
  3. Selective script and style loading

Most of the work must be done on your side:

  1. Hosting/server performance
  2. Hosting/server connection speed
  3. Minification
  4. Cache
  5. Media file sizes
  6. Async loading
  7. CDN

Mind also that Google Page Speed, GTMetrix and similar do not measure the site performance. They only check what optimizations has been implemented.


Lets take a Divi, mentioned before. It fast at any hosting, right out of the box, without any extra magic with optimization. Why? Like galaxy-theme said its CORE thing. It was developed with speed in mind.
But I don’t like builder inside the theme.

Yep! And as a personal recommendation, use GTMetrix for speed tests. They’re the most reliable and close to reality thing you’ll find. Everything else tends to be biased towards a product they sell/advertise/create (i.e. Google Speed Test always pushes AMP in front, regardless if you need it or not, and it calculates based on a comparison between your page and the caching power of AMP & Google’s server, which is literally unbeatable, making you think you’re failing to optimize when in fact you might be all good)

GTMetrix will give out accurate results based on things that truly interest you! :slight_smile: