HTML Template Focused on Fast Load Time?


I built my current website using the Porto template, and really enjoyed its ease of maintenance/support. Does anyone know of any similar templates, but that also focuses on fast page load times? I’m trying to find a super fast/lean template and get my average page load time under 1 second.


It’s not really under 1 sec, but it can be if optimized properly…

Thanks for the response! Do you know of any examples of well optimized websites using that template that I could test for its speed?

Something to consider:

  1. When testing demos here - most of these have hundreds of features enabled which realistically would not be the case in a real site and which will be slowing the site down dramatically

  2. The load time to a point is rather subjective e.g. a dedicated fibre connection in a capital city is going to load hugely faster than users in the middle of nowhere or on a less tech connection

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Hey Charlie,

Thanks for the response.

To respond to your 1st point, yes, that’s one of the issues when trying to determine how fast these templates truly are/can be if you’re not weighing them down with every feature and plugin they offer. I’m currently using the Porto template by Okler Themes which seems to be pretty fast. Do you know of any similar HTML templates that are known for being particularly fast/significantly faster than the Porto theme?

To your 2nd point, yes, I’m taking the internet connection and location into consideration when testing for speed. I will keep these items consistent when testing to determine which template is the fastest.

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Hello…thanks for the response. Which template was using to build It does appear that it can load under one second.

Its not a template its design by one of our team member and developed by me.
Full from scratch.
If you need I can build you one like that.
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I’m looking for a template that I can customize myself…but thanks for the info!

Anyone else have any template suggestions?

Any essential tips you guys could share to make my website load faster? I got a few pet-related HTML templates from ThemeForest, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ and some other independent theme developers on the web to play with and choose the one that would match my wife’s local pet grooming studio needs better. In this business, one of the most important considerations in creating websites is to make sure they load quickly, even if it’s fully packed with image galleries and useful information for pet owners. All ideas/recommendations are highly appreciated. Thank you.