What are 'the best' WordPress Themes?

Hey everyone, in your opinion, what are currently the best WordPress themes being sold on Envato, that achieve maximum or near-maximum scores in analysis tools such as PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix, Pingdom Tools, WebPageTest, W3C and others? :thinking:

Here’s an example of a fast website: https://wpweb.com.br

Please comment below and let’s discuss this. What will the future of the internet be, given that technologies are changing so fast? Is it hard to predict? :wink: :envato: :desktop_computer: :iphone:

Those scores are not entirely useful -

  1. demos are often loaded with features and functionality which makes things unrealistically bloated compared to the concise way in which they are intended to use

  2. it depends a lot on the hosting - if a demo is on a dedicated WP Engine hosting then it is going to perform a lot different from if they buyer puts it on a GoDaddy Deluxe shared setup

  3. Google does not consider page speed as a rank anymore - yes it’s still part of a good user experience and can impact the wider penalties et.c but it’s not a direct influence.

For what it’s worth and after thousands of purchases, anything by @greatives, @CocoBasic, @fuelthemes, @UiCore, or @AncoraThemes all tend to be great items.


Thank you for your insightful input on this topic. :clap:t2: :grin:

Indeed, the scores from the mentioned tools can sometimes provide a skewed perception due to the potentially bloated nature of demos packed with features and functionalities. The way in which the themes are intended to be used can vary greatly and that, in turn, impacts the actual performance.

You make a valid point about hosting - it’s a significant factor that can dramatically influence the performance of any website. Whether it’s hosted on a dedicated WP Engine or a shared setup like GoDaddy Deluxe, the performance could be substantially different.

As for Google not considering page speed as a ranking factor anymore, that is indeed correct. However, as you noted, it still significantly affects user experience and potentially contributes to wider penalties.

That being said, I would like to draw attention to some lightweight and fast WordPress themes that perform well regardless of the hosting environment. One such example is Luxeritas, a free theme not available on Envato, but definitely worth considering due to its speed and efficiency.

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Luxeritas Theme: https://thk.kanzae.net/wp/dl-2/

And yes, your recommendations - @greatives, @CocoBasic, @fuelthemes, @UiCore, and @AncoraThemes - are all excellent, highly esteemed in the WordPress community, and have a solid track record. :white_check_mark:

Considering these factors, what are your thoughts on the balance between performance, user experience, and functionality when selecting a WordPress theme? How do you weigh the importance of each when making your choice?

Once again, thank you for contributing to this discussion. Your input is greatly appreciated. :pray:t2:

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It’s bound to be a combination of all aspects but i’d also expect any theme which performs well to have a good user experience and vice versa. Also the author’s support and update policy.

It will come down to:
a) the website you are trying to create and meeting the requirements for that as effectively as possible.
b) how much investment you can/are willing to put into optimising things

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Considering your points, flexibility, plugin compatibility, and scalability are other important factors to take into account.

Thank you again for your valuable contribution to this discussion. :blush: :pray:t2:

I have been into the blogging industry since 2021. But I’m unable to find the best theme that suits my website. As I’m running the website of roofers in Round Rock . And the theme we have used is Generate press. But somehow i am not impressed with its speed. It creates errors sometimes.
Needs suggestions for the better wordpress theme.

Hello, as a suggestion, I recommend using only the ‘Elementor’ plugin to build your site. In doing so, you can have either ‘Hello Elementor’ or ‘Astra’ as your base theme. After building the site using the ‘Elementor’ builder, optimize it using the ‘LiteSpeed Cache’ plugin. Of course, it’s advisable to have good hosting to assist with performance.

Example test: https://pagespeed.web.dev/analysis/https-wpweb-com-br/pq50zg43tw?form_factor=mobile

Website: https://wpweb.com.br/