Best SEO Performing Wordpress Themes

Hi everyone,

I have gone through a lot of posts here and in general but couldnt make up my mind for the best theme for wordpress in terms of SEO. I guess the important factors regarding this are the clean code, mobile friendliness, SEO tools inclusion and lightweight themes.

In my area of interest, i have two main competitors for some keywords and they are quite high up in SEO rankings and they both use the same themes (could it be just pure coincidence) and i do not know if i should pick the same theme or not. I am sure many of you would recognise this theme here in Envato market on this [link removed] website.

Does the theme really affect the rankings that much?

I would greatly appreciate help from any of you who have good or bad experience with any of the wordpress themes.

The best theme for SEO, this theme with your own hands! :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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