Looking for a fast loading HTML template

I’ve tried both Canvas and Porto, which seem to be some of the most trendy HTML templates here, but they seem pretty slow if checked with Google PageSpeed Insights.

Can you suggest some fast loading theme?


Google PageSpeed Insights not evaluate the speed or the performance but only the technologies implemented, you can get a site that load in 30 seconds with 100% score and a site that load in 0.2 seconds get 60%, use https://tools.pingdom.com/ for measure the true performance.

Also consider that 80% of the PageSpeed Insights values are not related to the theme or template:

  1. Image and media compressions
  2. Gzip and page compression
  3. JS and CSS minifing

And more, are all related to your contents and your server.
My themes have great performance, also on server side: http://wordpress.framework-y.com/themes/

What category of a template are you looking? for sure one page HTML template is one of the fastest out there.

Did you tried https://themeforest.net/item/luxury-rio-hotel-html-responsive-template/20406973
? Or do you need for other services?

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One page templates won’t suit me, and they could soffer of the same plugins bloating problems.

The theme suggested by payothemes scores a bad 36/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=it&url=http%3A%2F%2Fhotel.payo-themes.com%2Findex.html

I don’t need a hotel template, by the way.

What genre of template do you need?

It’s worth mentioning - most template demos (especially multi purpose ones) are often bloated with showing every option, and whichever you buy, the speed will he hugely impacted by the hosting you use and assets that you add to it.

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Again, this is not a problem of the theme or template, they are only server and content optimizations…
And again, Google Page Speed not measure the performance.

Hi, is over 90% we didnt activate compression, now is enabled.

Is easy to have aprox 100% if you have good server.