[ThemeForest] Looking for Visual Composer compatible WP theme that's small & very light

Hey guys

I’m looking for (really) light themes that are compatibly with visual composer.
What i mean by light is … small size, small number of CSS/JS… preferably inline css/JS.

I’m going for ultra fast page speed load.

Please don’t suggest

  1. creating child theme w/that stuff modified (i’m looking to purchase)
  2. minify / CDN / image compression / caching / LEMP optimization - already doing that, and there’s only so much that stuff can do w/o changing the core of HTML

Ideally under 50kb for entire page download, as a lot of my traffic is mobile and from non-Tier1 countries.

Don’t need fancy gadges & stuff. Just ultra fast & visual composer compliant.

Visual composer has a required CSS enqueue that’s over 600kb, if speed is your #1 concern, I would suggest that VC is not a great starting point, especially where tiny file sizes are required.

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