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Hi guys.

First of all, I wish all you guys an Happy New Year :wink:
Now, and relative to wordpress themes development, I know that a paid plugin is always more valuable to a theme, then the free plugins.
But what do you advise me and other theme developers, that are starting this business and that doesn’t have $$ to invest in extended licenses?
For example, I know that Visual Composer and Revolution Slider are awesome plugins that make all the difference in a theme, but there are other options for theme development, that can aso add value to the theme, rather than the price they have, but relative to the theme build and theme options it provide to users.
And also, as themes are getting overvalued due to plugins, is there a way that a theme without those plugins could be accepted on ThemeForest, and still have a chance to be recognized as a good theme, with a lower value?

Best regards.

It’s optional. You could prepare your themes with/without VC and similar plugins

Thanks for the reply @ki-themes :wink:

But what do you think about the customer acceptance on this? And Themeforest reviewers? :slight_smile:

I’m building themes/templates based on minimal design and I’m not using VC on any of my items.
TF reviewers, as I said, it’s optional. You don’t have to include any plugin.

About sales, it can be discussed if it effects or not but I preferably don’t like to use it ( Also no need on my projects, they’re clean/minimal anyway )

Yeah, clean themes are becoming once again the top noch sellers, and these are being a choice for many website designers.
Maybe i could actually try to work also on a theme not built in with plugins but prepared for the most important ones.
I’ll give it a try, and see if i can manage something unique :smiley:
Keep on the good work @ki-themes, and GLWS :wink: