Are you using Visual Composer?

Are you using visual composer in your themes? I’m a new comer in this community and I can see that a lot of theme here is using visual composer. Do you think its much better if you include the visual composer in your theme?
What’s your opinion?

I use Unyson framework. Yes it is always better for buyers to have a page builder on the theme, whether it is Visual composer or another.

We in EpicoMedia also struggled with this question for a long long time, after lots of research we found out that we need to include a grid builder and there a lot of great grid builders out there (I am sorry to confess that in my opinion Visual Composer is not the best of them). Some authors implemented their own grid builders and some other used grid builders other than Visual Composer some use Visual Composer either way a grid builder seems to be necessary. In my personal opinion choosing Visual Composer is a reasonable decision. First of all it is so popular and most of end users in envato can evetually figure out how to work with it and customers also see that it is a best seller so they will trust a theme with visual composer better.

I have decided to use SiteOrigin page builder for a theme im working on. Why? mostly because its widget based and not shortcode based like visual composer. Sure, visual composer has a huge amount of prebuilt content blocks, but its easier to find great widgets than great shortcodes. Also… well… page builder is free.

From a User Standpoint:
I’ve helped redesign, build a couple websites now with visual composer. Like all new things I was initially reluctant (What’s wrong with html, css, and js). But now I get it.

VC’s ease of use, robust functions, and reliability have converted me into a believer. Now, when clients are asking me to help find a theme to give their website a “modern look.” Having VC is right at the top of my list when I’m reviewing themes. It’s just way too powerful and elegant to ignore. (And easy to teach clients to use to help them manage their site)

If your on the fence about incorporating VC into your theme, I can say, for my part, I award some serious points when I see a theme’s got it.